Salvaged Studio is a smorgasbord of my creative journey. It is a collection of found, discarded, and forgotten elements repurposed in vibrant and unapologetic ways.

I grew up on Goodwill and hand-me-downs, sharing everything from a bedroom, to clothes, food, and adventures. That's made me who I am. That's something I still follow and practice. I love old, discarded and forgotten objects. In my home, in my wardrobe, and really every aspect of my life. Things with a patina to them. Where you know they've been along on some incredible journeys with other humans.

I started Salvaged Studio with the intent of creating from the discarded and found things in life, but I'm finding that the meaning runs much deeper than just that. Through creating, and sharing, and falling, and growing, and failing, and trying again I'm finding I am salvaged too - and we all are. Picking ourselves and each other up on this collective journey; finding and discarding little bits and pieces along the way. New parts of ourselves, old parts that we've almost forgotten.

That's what I hope my art is to other people; a glimpse inside the re-imagined and repurposed aspects of life. A reminder of possibility, and infinite regeneration.